Hair Elixir


A potent herbal treatment designed to heal scalp issues of all kinds, this high-vibrational blend of synergistic Amazonian oils revitalizes hair and boosts shine from the root down. Star of the show, ungurahua oil.


To create SAMI Chikako worked with an indigenous teacher who taught her the language of the nature and plants. Her journey deep into ancient indigenous wisdom and healing arts took shape as SAMI, which is a word in Quechua – the indigenous language of old Incas – and refers to the refined energy that comes from being in harmony with the universe. These ancestral medicines nourish us so deeply so that we may begin to reawaken and reconnect with the divinity within all of us and recover our inner and outer harmony. Through this exploration and cosmic communication with the moon, stars, mountains, and plants, she gained a true understanding of the amazon’s botanical powers and with that created her three namesake products. The face scrub & mask, face elixir, and hair elixir all share the potent qualities of the amazon and promote natural restoration and regeneration of the skin and hair through a supportive complex of active botanicals.