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Join Charry in Dallas, October 14th from 7-8:30pm for Prana Nidra.

Prana Nidra is THE most effective yoga technique to rest and recharge in just few minutes. This practice; which is still unfamiliar to the western yoga world, uses breathing visualizations to generate a three stage recharging process: 

  • Calms the energy flow along the energy meridians (nadhis) 
  • Induces the Body/Mind system into deep relaxation.
  • Stimulates and enhances optimal vitality to the practitioner. 

During this workshop, we will lie on our backs for the first 20 minutes, then move gently to relieve the body of any aches or pains during the initial relaxation period as we prepare the body to rest fully for a final 30-40 minutes. 

The workshop will run 90 minutes with a 30 minute mix and mingle period to follow just to make sure you are ready to drive home for the night. 

Join through Mind/Body at Harmony Yoga Health in the Design District on Oak Lawn Ave.

BeBright October 5 Day Challenge:


This month’s Theme: Preparing for the Elections.

Consider this preventative medicine for your energetic and mental bodies. Of course, we will incorporate everything into the body.

Clear out impulsive tendencies now. Direct your mind inwardly to the calm, abiding space within. Learn how to concentrate when the world around you is going bananas.

What we “do”:

  1. Daily Guided Seated and Asana Practices
  2. Nightly Dream Incubation
  3. Daily Readings and Videos related to Yoga

What you “get”:

  1. Inner Knowledge
  2. Insights
  3. Compassionate Wisdom

Everything is byway of Facebook Closed Group.


BeBright365 Yoga Mentorship Program:

  • Learn about the animating principle of Yoga.
  • Discover how to Self Realize Yoga.
  • Continue to study the integral aspects of the Hatha Raja Yoga tradition.
  • Embody the living and breathing vital force within You.
  • Become established in the classical teachings of Yoga.

Intro Level: 1, 1 hour session/week for 1 month $99

Beyond the Basics: 2, 1 hour sessions/week for 1 month $145

Intermediate: 3, 1 hour sessions/week for 1 month $225

Advanced: 4, 1 hour sessions/week for 1 month $345

Online Only.

Email with questions:

BeBright365 Breath Based Yoga Teacher Training:

  • Learn the science behind the Breath Based Yoga method.
  • Become better able to practice to your own natural rhythm and dimensions.
  • Study the integral aspects of the Hatha Raja Yoga tradition.
  • Come to embody the living and breathing vital force within You.
  • Gain a thorough Yoga education from experienced guides which prepares you to walk the path of Yoga for the rest of your life in a healthy, positive, and frictionless way.

Accepting Applications for 2023

Email for Application here:

$2800 YA track

$2000 Non-YA track

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