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Join Charry for Prana Nidra.

Prana Nidra is THE most effective yoga technique to rest and recharge in just few minutes. This practice; which is still unfamiliar to the western yoga world, uses breathing visualizations to generate a three stage recharging process: 

  • Calms the energy flow along the energy meridians (nadhis) 
  • Induces the Body/Mind system into deep relaxation.
  • Stimulates and enhances optimal vitality to the practitioner. 

What to expect:

  • Savasana pose throughout
  • Guided concentration
  • Directed relaxation
  • Sleeping is advised

Join Charry for Dreamwork:

Got a BIG dream?

Got a recurring dream?

Got a dream that leaves you wondering?

Using Embodied Imagination (see Bosnak’s Embodiment: Creative Imagination in Medicine, Art and Travel) to work directly with your dream images in a felt, enlivening manner, Charry accompanies you into your dream world for waking world information.


Join Charry for a Deep Healing Muscle Release:
Follow along on this physical, mental and emotional journey into Relaxation and Bliss.
According to your specific needs, Charry moves you through a variety of stretches, breath, and body working techniques for the ultimate in unwinding.
Stress is a killer.
Get rid of it in this unique and special session.

BeBright365 Yoga Mentorship Program:

  • Learn about the animating principle of Yoga.
  • Discover how to Self Realize Yoga.
  • Continue to study the integral aspects of the Hatha Raja Yoga tradition.
  • Embody the living and breathing vital force within You.
  • Become established in the classical teachings of Yoga.

Intro Level: 1, 1 hour session/week for 1 month $99

Beyond the Basics: 2, 1 hour sessions/week for 1 month $145

Intermediate: 3, 1 hour sessions/week for 1 month $225

Advanced: 4, 1 hour sessions/week for 1 month $345

Online Only.

Email with questions:

BeBright365 Breath Based Yoga Teacher Training:

  • Learn the science behind the Breath Based Yoga method.
  • Become better able to practice to your own natural rhythm and dimensions.
  • Study the integral aspects of the Hatha Raja Yoga tradition.
  • Come to embody the living and breathing vital force within You.
  • Gain a thorough Yoga education from experienced guides which prepares you to walk the path of Yoga for the rest of your life in a healthy, positive, and frictionless way.

Accepting Applications for 2023

Email for Application here:

$2800 YA track

$2000 Non-YA track

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