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Memberships, Privates, and Events

Inspiration and Motivation for daily home practice. Monthly Yoga Meditation Courses and Challenges for just $19!



Private Sessions

Individual or Family/Friend Group sessions in the convenience of your own home.

Work on any of the following

  • Fitness (addresses- flexibility, strength, and balance OR injury recovery, race prep/recovery)
  • Meditation (addresses- instruction, guidance, and insights)
  • Yoga (addresses- physical practice, poses, relaxation, breathing)
  • Stress Reduction (addresses- sleep, anxiety, depression, travel, work, relationships)
Why go Private
  • Don’t like big classes.
  • Enjoy and need convenience.
  • Want specialization.
  • Working through a life transition.
  • Dealing with an existential crisis.
  • Want personal attention and detailed instruction.
  • Have specific goals/desires.

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