Health and Happiness Day 1

Health and Happiness Day 1

Day 1 of Health and Healing


Day 1 of our 10 Day Health and Happiness Course!

Everyday come to your member portal for a daily practice video (click on the link to Vimeo below), an audio meditation or Nidra (tonight is a Nidra- keep your eyes out for that one!), and a blog post like this!;)

Let’s tune up the body while we have slowed to a stop in the outer world.

Add in at least 15 minutes of ab/arm work like push ups and sit ups each day and if you are still allowed outside for a walk- a 20 minute walk. If not, no worries, maybe you can pop out into the back yard for a bit of fresh air.

Not sure what you have in the pantry these days, but trying to follow the no eating of a big meal after 4pm rule here. Not easy with the kids, but adapting slowly.

Keep me posted with your progress!

Love to you,

Charry Shakti Om

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