Health and Healing Day 3

Health and Healing Day 3

Day 3 of Health and Healing


Day 3 of our 10 Day Health and Happiness Program!

Here’s the video for your Shoulders and Neck!(Click the link below)

Nidra coming later this evening. Stay tuned!

Remember- no carbs after 4pm.

Drink a nice cup of tea if you feel stressed OR bored.;)

Redo yesterday’s meditation if you find that you have extra time on your hands. Be creative with some physical exercises before you eat a big meal. And if you can get outside still- go for a walk after a nice lunch. If you are fully quarantined at this time, do 3 sets of exercises twice today.

Stay motivated to move your body, take care of your belly, and relax your mind.

Love to you,

Charry Shakti Om

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