Burning through Mistakes


Day 2. What’s coming up?

Using the ground of our life’s experiences to break free of illusion. (Notice I didn’t say suffering or toxic relationships;)) hahah!

Whether you think your meditation is good/bad, right/wrong, beautiful/ugly it’s all the same. Mind. As soon as there is any judgment, any criticism, any doubt, you know the experience is one of Ego-clinging.

So use the material that you have to accept and realize what you are and the life you have created.

Have there been co-creators (of your choosing and not choosing) for this life you find yourself living? Absolutely!

But, at the end of the day, your life is yours, and your co-creators lives are theirs.

Your job is not to save anyone. Not even yourself. Your job isn’t anything but acknowledging the ISness of your current situation.

If you have lived with the premise that you missed out on ____ (stability, friendship, love, acceptance, support,…) growing up or recently… check out what that really is for you RIGHT now. Present day. Check in. How is your life, your heart, your relationship with yourself and others RIGHT NOW. And if you feel like it’s a disaster, sad, toxic, tiring, too much of this or that, well, STAY with THAT feeling. Stay right there. Don’t escape into blame with the missing out on ____ thought form/pattern. Just see how long you can stay in the present moment with the calamity of your current feeling, emotion, life experience.

The practice is Not Rejecting. The practice is Patience. The practice is Acceptance.

Let me know what happens.


Charry Shakti OM

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“We hate suffering, but love it’s causes.”

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