Touching Gently, Sitting with Precision


Day 3 and 4. Ready for more? hahah!

This is what I was thinking about today:

Techniques and Teachings meant for Lamas and Monks/Nuns, beings that choose the monastic life. Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Sufi, Jewish, Islam, Catholic, whatever the order, that kind of “high” ordained sort of lifestyle. The ones that end up giving the sermons or praying all day.

You know, the ones that choose (or perhaps are chosen like the Dalai Lama) to leave the world, practice, dedicate their life to humanity. A real Mother Teresa type. Rare beings.

Now, don’t get me wrong- we are all rare beings, but we might be newer to the path of service.;)

Anyway, when we clamor and claw over each other for some sort of inner access to “high” level teachings, we are sort of missing the point. Because who among us wants to leave this life, go cloister themselves in a temple or cave or monastery? Well, ok, even if we have a passing thought about doing that, none of us here have actually gone to live like that for a majority of their lives?

So, maybe, if we keep things more simple we will simplify our life and clear up the confusion in our mind in a real way.

Instead of adding esoteric language and teaching one on top of another, maybe if we actually sat and realized ONE technique, we would actually BE happy!

Anyway, that’s what came up for me today after the past 2 days of contemplation, practice, and living.


Charry Shakti OM

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“As a friend of mine put it, “Feeling that something is wrong with me is the invisible and toxic gas I am always breathing.” When we experience our lives through this lens of personal insufficiency, we are imprisoned in what I call the trance of unworthiness. Trapped in this trance, we are unable to perceive the truth of who we really are.”
Tara Brach, Radical Acceptance: Embracing Your Life with the Heart of a Buddha

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