Just like that. Poof!


Days 6 and 7.

As always- a beautiful “Challenge”.;)

Thank you for joining me. It’s always fascinating to see how the time evolves and what arises. And, just like that- it’s gone. And we are somehow changed.

These last 2 days- on softening and letting go are themes which will help us recover ourselves a bit quicker. Making space for the whole experience while maintaining awareness on a specific thread from yesterday and surrendering any and all outcomes today.

What is done is done. No re-dos. This is a Universal Law. No re-dos. We know because deaths tell us so. Otherwise people would be coming back all the time. WE, the “living” ones would force our loved ones back into their earthly skins all the time. We can’t bear to have them go. And, yet, it doesn’t happen. It can’t happen. You might say- Jesus came back… ummm… ok…. anyone else that you know of? As ghosts you say… ummmm… ok… you want to keep ghosts around you?

It’s not just death of human life that is final.

It’s death of moments in time. There is no getting our childhood back for example. No getting birthdays back. We keep aging for example. We can’t stop time. We can’t stop movement!

I hope you REALIZE this.

So that you can LIVE.

And the only place we CAN LIVE is in the present moment.

So, that’s what we are getting at with this membership. A constant Challenge to wake up and remain Alert, Awake, at the Ready for whatever life curveball is coming next.

For some it might seem that God is putting extra helpings of hurt on their plate. Don’t worry about Why. Just keep going step by step taking care of the business at hand. If all of a sudden a parent shows up at your doorstep invite them in- a child, welcome- a pet, hello! We don’t know what these angels are actually bringing us, but they are indeed going to bring us a miracle. If we are ready to face up to the responsibility of our life and take good care of ourselves while showing up for them.

There is no way of knowing. Not even a star chart can show you what will happen because none of us take care of our personal business skillfully! There are always things we are avoiding, hiding from, or denying. There are actions we don’t take out of fear. There are things we pass on to others out of denial. And these things haunt us in the end. They come back when we think we can’t take anymore. And they show up big and bold until they are undeniable.

So, face whatever it is right now. Face it now. Clear it up NOW.

It’s truly the way.


Charry Shakti OM

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“Whatever comes, don’t push it away. When it goes, do not grieve.”

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