3rd Step


Final Day to move to the other Side of the river on this bridge program.

One step to get on the bridge. One to get across. And one final step to exit on the other side.

A question for you which I received yesterday: “How do you sabotage your life/relationships?”

We all have our patterns.

Write it down so that you can recognize it and shape shift it.

Most of the time, we are living in the past with our relationships. We have developed some sort of “idea” or “thought program” about ourselves and our life. We have cultivated habits of relating. And we don’t even realize it! Or, an interesting one is- because we are all somewhat self aware here- we see ourselves sabotaging, and we like watching the drama! Or, we just plain like the pain it causes. And so, we continue to live and relate like that!

And, yes, if the paradigm were to shift. If the pattern could not play itself out anymore… then what? Then what? Things might fall away. And that can be scary. The unknown can be terrifying.

We know this pain. We even think we cause it and therefore control it! So, we keep it.

But a new pain, one that leads to freedom….

Better not go into a healing process that produces… well… actual healing…;)

You see how funny we are as a species?! How funny our minds are?! How brilliant and cunning our Egos can be?!

So- here’s another little video. Yoga poses are a nice way to open the body, ground the senses and provide a new prospective. They are also a nice way to get some circulation going and strengthen the body. They are also there to discipline the mind and the senses. The physical practice is a beautiful way to get to know yourself too! So enjoy and keep going!

Later this month- March 23-29 we will be doing a week long Meditation Program. Spring Celebratory Meditations for Growth and Prosperity. Whoop Whoop!

See you then!

Lots of love,

Charry Shakti OM


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