1 of 10 to Zen!


We are at #1 in our countdown!

We did it!!!!

Amazing what you can accomplish when you set your mind to it. It’s truly MOSTLY mental!

So, if we learn through experience that our mind is our master and if can master the mind, we can basically do whatever we want…. well…

Isn’t it worth all the effort to overcome the worries, fears, and doubts that our very own mind wants to keep us back and down with?

And then I wonder…

If the mind is an aspect of who we are, then why is it always fighting with our desire to be free of suffering?

If the mind is an aspect of US, then why does it want to keep us trapped?

Perhaps the mind is more part of the collective consciousness than we can “see”.

Perhaps the mind picks up on all the clues from social media, news, things we read and watch, etc more than we even “think”….

So, be discerning with what you put in front of you and in your life. It could be affecting your mind and your life more than you realize!

Always go for the highest and Be Your Brightest! 365!

All the love,


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