2 of 10 to Zen!


We are at #2 in our countdown!

Almost there! Last BIG push!

When you get into a tight spot with a relationship, a job, a project, what are your go to methods to get through it?

Avoidance? Denial? Passive Aggressive Behavior? Honesty? Kindness? Compassion? Blame? Frustration?….

All of the Above?


What does 10 to Zen have to do with daily life?

It’s called Integration.

Which is Wisdom.

So, practice is practice. You take care of business every day. No big deal. Nothing special.

But, the BIG deal is this: When you are faced with divorce, losing a job, getting a new job, experiencing the joys of life that you are not losing your mind and sh%$ on yourself or others.

The BIG deal is when you feel anxiety or depression pressing forward within you, you can SEE the reality- the bigger picture, and rest.

Does that mean you don’t need your psychologist? No.

Does that mean you don’t need your doctor? No.

Does that mean you don’t need to talk things through with a friend? No.

The BIG deal is called “Peace of mind”. Even through the most turbulent times.

Not a fake, pseudo-spiritual bypassing. But a truly, abiding, peace.

Engaging in life, getting down and dirty, while knowing deep inside of you- you have the strength to walk through walls and the grace to walk on water.

10 to Zen is just a challenge out of a gazillion possible challenges. (Wait for October’s!;)) The challenge is not the thing. The peace inside is the thing. And, for that, I hope you continue!

All the love,


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