Let’s do this THANG!


We begin the new “challenge” on 10/7.

It’s called the Triple 5 Threat Challenge. (I just named it!;))

The Challenge 5 Days in length. Each meditation is 5 minutes long. You will receive a 5 Reflection Points found here on Your Membership Blog!

The Reflections are meant to assist in the Integration Process.

It’s fine and dandy to meditate. But, most of our day is spent in “real” life where we make decisions, choices, and deal with people in a myriad of complicated and tricky situations.

So, this is where the rubber meets the road- as my friend Elena always says.

What are you ready to live from? Your fear, or your practice in compassion and kindness?

Prepare yourself for these upcoming 5 days and see how you start to “see” and “feel” the world differently.

As always, send in your questions if you have any!



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