We begin the new “challenge” today.

It’s called 10 to Zen and it’s so simple you might think it’s stupid.

Don’t NOT do it because you think it’s too easy. hahah! (How about those double negatives which make the positive= DO IT!)

Your mind is telling you all sorts of things about 2 minutes/day not being worth the “trouble” (read: effort).

BUT- 2 minutes/day times 365=730 minutes=12 hours/year MORE than what you might otherwise do….

Now, if you spend 2 minutes/day brushing your teeth… what is the effect? No cavities (or perhaps at least MUCH fewer) right?

That’s what I am trying to help you understand and Put into place in your life.

A 2 minute effort that becomes a habit that actually feels good AND keeps your brain unclogged from negativity. You might still get a cavity or 2 along the way, but imagine if you didn’t do it!!!!

This challenge is set up for 10 days.

Of course, if you like the effects and want to keep going with this particular practice, you will now know what to do. You will also have access to the recordings right on your Membership Page!

So, I hope that I have cleared the way enough for you to just click a button, sit, and refresh.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Thanks and Love!


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