How to begin. Again and again.

And so we begin.


With this breath. Take a leap of faith. Listen to your heart and GO in the direction of your dreams!

I have created many new beginnings. I have started many new projects. I have moved to many new cities. I have opened new businesses. I have made many new friends.

I have Begun. Over and Over and Over.

And, each time, it has been exhilarating, nerve wracking, and scary.  It has been thrilling, fun, and invigorating. It has been, at times, an intense storm like ball of energy thrusting me to start over. At other times, it has been like a gentle wave, nudging me to shore.

Yet, each time I have had the opportunity to Begin Again, it seems to be on the other side of an ending.

I don’t know that you have to have one without the other, but it sure does seem as though they come as a package deal in my life’s experiences.

But, just like you can focus on the exhale, or the inhale, in this case, we are focusing on the New Beginnings rather than the Letting Go and Shedding (coming next time;)).

So, here are 5 things you can do to actually get started on something NEW!

  1. Take An Action. Any Action. The more outrageous and outlandish the better. D0 not be afraid to make mistakes. You can course correct as you go. What holds people back from starting seems to be a fear of “doing it wrong” or “making it worst”.
  2. Take A Deep Breath. Meditate. Believe it or not, MANY new projects and shifts have occurred because I chose to focus on my meditation practice. True story. When I am extra diligent, things move and explode and BEGIN. It’s kind of crazy really, but always always always out of the nothingness comes radical somethingness.
  3. Focus On Self Care. Again, it seems like it should be the exact opposite, but it’s not. When you put attention on how you are feeling, your physical and mental well-being, then everything shifts and you start to attract that which you are desiring into your life.
  4. Think The Opposite. If your worries stop you dead in your tracks from starting and taking action, the instruction is, literally, to think the opposite thought.
  5. If you feel stuck, build Tapas- fiery determination and will-power. Clean and rearrange your house. Do a dietary cleanse with the help of a professional (if you want recommendations, our BeBright Team is here to help you, just email me!). Or, go for daily walks and get more fresh air.
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“Only to the extent that we expose ourselves over and over to annihilation can that which is indestructible in us be found.”

― Pema Chodron

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Coming Into The Body

When Charry asked me to write an article for her new project, I felt between excited and hesitant. What would I write about? I tend to be between a soft-spoken idealist, and hard punk rock of reality. So, I decided to start this article right in the middle, where the idealist meets the punk and connects through the one source that keeps them together, the body.

Coming down to the body. Coming to understand that my emotions live in my body. That my whole life story is being told in my movement, in my gestures, in the way I feel when I carry myself. That the posture of my walk is the posture that I take on life. A posture that is not fixed, but conditioned by my own believes. A posture that can be reshaped, and is in constant movement as I am. Coming to the body means to understand that those legs and feet are the ones that carry me from place to place, the ones that help me stand up each an every time I am defeated in life. That those arms and hands, is what connects me to others, the way I reach out and connect. In our bodies, we have all the resources and the tools to better understand and guide ourselves through our own lives.

Our bodies do not lie, for they are the expression of our emotions. Each movement, each reaction evokes, reveals and channels feeling, emotion, memories, images, and story.

A real therapist, a real yogini, a real teacher will always guide you to come back to your body. Will guide you and help you listen to the quest and messages it has to send.

In my practice as a therapist, I guide the dialogue of the body, I hold space for the process of discovery with one’s own body to happen. Once we become conscious of our life material, we can play with it, grapple with it, confront it, shape it and re-shape it. When we move with awareness, and when we move with the intention to express, release and transform our experiences and perceptions, then the movement will change us. That is its inherent nature.

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Elizabeth Baddour is an educator and a certified Movement-Based Expressive Art Therapist formed at the Tamalpa Institute in California.

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