November Day 6

November Day 6

Will Power and Determination


Day 6 of our 7 Days of Yoga Talks!

The Reflection Point is: Will Power and Determination.

Contemplate: Consistency.

There is no way to make anyone but yourself healthy and happy. So, don’t waste your energy on people who aren’t interested! Focus on yourself and Do for YOU! If at least one person in this world is at peace within- IMAGINE! So, don’t get distracted or deluded. Just DO for YOU and be amazed by the effects that show up in your life from such dedicated efforts. Stop complaining, stay focused. Keep going. 

Journal your hearts out. Let’s compare notes at the end!




p.s. Click Play. It will load. And you will want to adjust the volume and make sure you are by yourself for this one.;) Enjoy!

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