Purification Process Part I

Purification Process Part I

No Fooling. Time to go Upside Down.


How are you doing?

Welcome to your 5 Day Purification Process! We are going to work with Inversions, Mudras and Breathing over the next 5 Days.

I realize some of you have injuries (neck and back) which prevent you from doing headstand. So, if this is the case for you, focus on the breathing and mudra work.

If you want to play around with going upside down, I suggest you warm up a bit first and then tackle the Head, Hand, Forearm Balancing business.

I recommend a nice nourishing, yet purifying diet for the next 5 days. (Yes, I realize the times we are in;)) So, only eat what will give you the balanced kind of energy you need to stay motivated AND calm. Experiment with your gut health at this time. Give it the best of the best!

That’s it for now. Let me know if you have any questions as we go!

Check out the videos below- one on Headstand and one on Breathing. Mudra coming later!


“By seeking and blundering we learn.”
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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