Purification Process Part II

Purification Process Part II

Headstand, Mudra, Pranayama


Sorry about the mudras yesterday. My photographer was busy with online school work, so I wasn’t able to get my pictures developed in time! But, I have them for you now! Whoop Whoop!

So, today, we have the following work:

  1. Tripod Headstand
  2. Nadi Shodhana
  3. Aruna Mudra

For the Tripod Headstand: Due to the shape of this pose, there is a lot of weight on the head and neck. So, if you have any contraindications, you can work in straddle forward bend with the top of your head on a block and your hands in the tripod position. If your hamstrings or back stiffness won’t allow for this, skip it!;)

For the Nadi Shodhana: I am including 2 things for your study and practice. The first is a video from Sadhguru. Now, there is a slight difference in his methodology from my lineage- and that is in the mudra! haha! For me, I work with the left hand in Chin Mudra on the thigh! Sadhguru says not to do that. So- that is super interesting! Then, I am including an article on the Pranayama technique from Swami Sivananda which IS the practice I work with. Therefore- play around with the practice and do your own study! Figure your own Self out with this stuff! It’s so fun to geek out and get absorbed in the practice!

Finally, the Aruna Mudra: This is not an official name. The woman who instructed me on it is Aruna. She is an Arhuaco from Colombia who was with us in the ceremonies. Many things came to her through the plant medicine, but she was very clear about sharing this special gift. You will see the images. Make the shape with your hands and fingers. She instructed to make it like a seal or a stamp on the earth. Meditate on That. It will eradicate doubts and fears and strengthen our confidence in ourselves! We know what to do, we just have to ACT on it! Daily!!!!

So, here are all the goodies!

  1. Tripod Headstand: https://vimeo.com/402921518
  2. Pranayama: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=817fiBUDChg
  3. Pranayama Continued: http://sivanandaonline.org/public_html/?cmd=displaysection&section_id=839
  4. Mudra: See images below.

“In his teachings Lord Krishna says, “You forget your spiritual existence on account of the body, but I will come and remind you.” How does he remind us? He plays his lilas or games, some of which may be painful in order to jar us out of our mediocrities.”– Swami Radha

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