Forearm Balance, Mudra, Pranayama


Check out today’s rad lineup! Have fun. Be playful. Be patient. Be Bright!;)

  1. Forearm Balance
  2. Kapalabhati Breathing
  3. Chin Mudra

Forearm Balance: Fear is going to stop you from going upside down in most cases. That and a shoulder injury on this one. So, if you have rotator cuff issues- don’t do this one.;) Work against a wall if the fear is getting to you. The hardest part is getting your hips up and over your shoulders. The knees are bent so that you can work the balance with your legs split. Practice practice practice. It’s the only way to get up and over your blockages!;)

Kapalabhati Breathing: Sending you an article on the breath technique from Sivananda and a video with article from Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. Enjoy and do on an empty stomach!

Chin Mudra: Sending photos and article. My suggestion on Mudras is to sit (for some time;)) utilizing a specific Mudra. Then, try another one. Sit (for some time) and see what transforms (if anything!) for you! Like all that is mystical, if you “know” too much, you lose something. Remain Receptive. That is the main instruction. Get curious and practice. Don’t just take some outsiders word for your own understanding. Actually go in search for yourself! Then, when you realize it, it will be part of you, not something still outside of you that may not be meant for you.

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“The reality of the changing atmosphere we live in is that it brings fogginess, cloudiness and sometimes builds to a thundering roar. Our spiritual practice becomes the way we live through these interactions, refining and clearing a space for the higher qualities of gratitude, loyalty, humility and respect for all life.”–Swami Rama

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