Inversion Variations, Mudra, Pranayama


Much downloaded last night. Let’s see how it comes through today:

  1. Inversion Play
  2. Bhastrika Pranayama
  3. Mudra

Inversion Play: Sometimes you need some tricks to get yourself stronger, lighter, and play around! Check out the video Below with a couple of ideas. You take it from there!

Bhastrika Pranayama: Think of a sniffing dog. Breathe in and out super fast. Concentrate the breath into and out of the lungs. Keep the nostrils open and go as fast as you can for some time. Then rest. Repeat 3 times.

Mudra: Remember, I don’t have a name for these. I’m sure there is a name. And you could spend your time searching and researching. Or you could spend your time in practice perceiving. Keep it simple. Practice-Purify-Connect. That’s all that is needed at this time.

So, here are all the goodies!

  1. Inversion Play:
  2. Pranayama:
  3. Mudra: See images below.
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“Peace of mind doesn’t necessarily come with money, a beautiful home, job or relationship. The mind becomes peaceful when a decision is made to be selfless, generous, forgiving. First of all, you have to look at what you don’t want in your life. Are you greedy? Do you manipulate situations so you look good? Are you afraid, and try to control people and situations so the worst won’t happen? Do you keep resentments, grudges and anger toward people in your family and community?

We have a responsibility to practise renouncing, letting go of the worlds we keep creating mental, emotional and spiritual worlds. Can you renounce physical attachments you have created, the mental and emotional habits you have developed, and even the spiritual fantasies? What is your world and what have you built? Is it the world you want to live in? In renouncing the aspects that are not essential for growth in your life, a new sturdier, healthier, more positive way becomes possible. You want to be able to step to the edge in compassion and kindness, to be in the moment instead of being caught in the negative, critical or irritable parts, remembering past hurts or imagining future fears.”–Swami Radha

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