Are YOU My Guru?

I would like to talk a bit about the Guru. Perhaps demystify it all a bit. Perhaps challenge beliefs a bit.

First of all- what makes a Guru, a Guru? 

Well- this person has most likely done some sort of spiritual work and has come into this life already with some rare qualities which awaken and bear fruit as they mature. (Some very rare beings actually choose to come back to help humanity and provide much needed peace to the planet.) 

But, Gurus don’t have to be fully Self-Realized Masters of the highest order.

They might simply be people who have made some amount of progress and have gained some level of experience and knowledge regarding matters of the Spirit. 

And RIGHT HERE is where it gets tricky.

Because, for a Guru to be recognized as such on the outside, there must be a Disciple who is looking for a Guru! Ahaha!

So you see, anyone wanting so badly to make money, wanting so badly to gain fame and fortune in the career called Spirituality, wanting so badly to be seen from the outside as a Guru and have “followers”, wanting so badly to have an organization named after them and statues built for them and gifts bestowed up them…. Can EASILY act as a Guru and fool unsuspecting “seekers” and the masses of materialistically driven marketplace consumers of such Spiritual Materialism! 

The Guru Placebo effect is REAL!

Here’s why:


There are so many people craving a miracle maker to arrive in their life and save them so badly, that they will blindly follow anyone saying just about anything, as long as they are promising happiness, weight loss, salvation, and safety! 

So, rather than worry who is a Guru and do you need one and which Guru is the real deal, how about simply become your own best student? Take full responsibility for your own actions and reactions?

Go in search of That which is within!

I’m not saying to stop asking the question, or denying the internal search for an authentic Mentor and Guide, but rather, DO THE WORK for yourself, on yourself, by your own Self. And, then see. Just see. Who is showing up in your life. 

Are they your Guru? Only your heart can answer that question. 

And, should you begin the work SIDE BY SIDE a mentor, always always always keep doing your OWN work, in your OWN way. No BLIND followers of anyone by anyone for anyone please. 

After all, even a Guru is human.

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